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The Poetic Link is a Dynamic Interactive Poetry Database System that allows for Immediate Publication and Critiquing of your Submitted Poems. You will quickly begin to receive feedback on your work from people all over the world! Cash Prizes are awarded Monthly to the Top Poets and the Top Critiquers! Each member begins with 0 (zero) points Each Month and gains points by performing the task in the Registered Users Menu, Critique New Poems. All Cash Award Prizes are Paid out of the funds received from Poem Submissions. --The more submissions the Higher the Prizes! There is NO Disadvantage to submitting a poem at the End of the Month because there is a Grace Period after each month ends, where poems still receive critiques.

The Main Goal of The Poetic Link is to provide something for poets that can be found nowhere else! A refuge for young and old, novice and professional alike. It is a meeting place for you to honestly and openly express yourself and derive meaningful feedback from your peers. Rest assured that you will find nothing like this anywhere! ...How can I be so sure of that, you ask? Because only after searching and finding nothing to satisfy me... I decided to create it. This site is not for the faint of heart. You will get honest and sometimes tough critiques of your Poetry; you will learn and you will grow. We have people from every level of achievement here so you will glean many different viewpoints on your work from your peers. You will be able to teach, and if you have an open mind, you will most certainly be taught. But most importantly... you will grow! The submission fee is a small price to pay for the invaluable knowledge you will gain from submitting your work here. The prizes are just the icing on the cake. Read some of our poems, taking note of their critiques, and you will see for yourself just how much you can gain from joining this community! It is not a wonderful place because of what I have done, for I merely built the framework. It is wonderful because of you, our Poets and our Critics... it is because of you that we have such an inspired and beautiful place to curl up with each and every day; a place to indeed call home! What you now choose to do with this knowledge is entirely up to you. I welcome you to The Poetic Link ...Please come and share your talent with us.

-Christopher T. Moore
Owner / Creator / Webmaster of The Poetic Link

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